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To improve visibility into the flow of labor on a work site, Trimble has created CrewSight.  It’s a flexible and scalable system  that is easy to deploy in almost any situation. Using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to monitor access, your site can reduce safety issues, improve visibility on workforce costs and operate with improved control.

Trimble’s Free Guide:

Download Trimble’s Free Guide on Jobsite Access Control: How to Know Who’s Really Onsite.  All construction professions, including health and safety managers, project managers, field workers, and superintendents know that access control comes down to three things — the Three W’s of Labor Tracking. >>More from Trimble’s Constructible>>

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When choosing a jobsite access control system, it’s essential to consider which qualities make the most sense for your project, clients and team. >>See the Top 5 Features of an Access Control System.

Trimble CrewSight in 90 seconds:

Key Features:

  • Track entry-exit of all personnel on the job site
  • Analyze labor data to better understand labor cost
  • Compare the performance of multiple work sites
  • Tailor the system to meet your individual requirements

Keeping people safe
CrewSight keeps track of personnel who have entered the site so in the case of an emergency, all site crews can be accounted for.  Contractors can easily monitor skills, qualifications and clearances to further reduce safety concerns.  When used in conjunction with mechanical access control, it assures that only authorized people are on site at all times. Zone monitoring can further track movement of crews into specific work areas.

Understanding the true cost of labor
Better.  Cheaper.  Faster.  That’s what most construction managers are continually striving for.  To improve overall cost-control and be competitive, project managers need to correlate productivity with actual hours of worker time.  CrewSight validates the costs of internal teams and subcontractors by providing detailed information about which workers are on site and the times they are there.

Streamlining analysis and reporting
Sort and analyze a wide range of labor statistics or trends. Compliance requirements like municipal hiring, Women’s Business Enterprise and Minority Business Enterprise requirements typically require a manual process for detailed reporting. Trimble CrewSight compiles the info you need and streamlines the reporting process.

This 8-minute video with BuildingPoint Florida reviews CrewSight and the power of an effective workforce management solution.
In this 2-1/2 minute video,  Matt Ogle, JE Dunn’s Saftey Manager shares his experience with Trimble CrewSight.


Workforce Management Solution

Trimble’s Workforce management software lets you register and store your workforce data in the cloud. Easily search any worker’s records at any time. Present electronic documents in English, Spanish, or more at the office or job site. Create custom data configurations and export reports for compliance documentation.
Artificial Intelligence on Construction Sites Isn’t taking Jobs — It’s Saving Lives (Article)
It’s no secret that working on a construction site is among the most dangerous jobs out there. Even with advanced protective gear, significant regulation in place, and the best of intentions by all involved, the construction industry routinely records five times as many fatal accidents as any other industry in the U.S.

As this story illustrates, AI and video-based monitoring offer an exciting, viable solution to that problem that future releases of CrewSight and related solutions may be able to leverage. We look forward to a brighter future where access control and accident prediction solutions can make real progress in reducing the number of accidents that occur every day on construction sites around the world. >>More from Trimble Constructible>>