DPI-8 Handheld Scanner

Handheld 3D Data Capture on a Tablet

DPI-8 Scanner

DPI-8 Scanner
     Forget lugging around a laptop and cumbersome cables

  • Capture and process 3D spatial data directly on the tablet!
  • Hold the imager in your hand and capture in 3D as you walk
    through the area of interest.
  • Get into hard-to-reach, occluded areas, inaccessible with other technologies.
  • Leave the jobsite knowing you’ve collected the right data
    you need for your project.
  • Phi.3D technology provides users with real-time data
    quality feedback as the data is being acquired.

In this 1-minute video, BuildingPoint Florida provides an overview of the DPI-8:


Want a 1-hour deep-dive?  Here’s a Trimble technical webinar showing the complete handheld scanning workflow: