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Contractor Challenge:

  • Are you comfortable with Excel spreadsheets to do detailed estimates but wish that you could easily create and manage a detailed project estimate with pull-downs and a powerful database?
  • Are you asked to provide a conceptual estimate in a matter of days or hours from your company’s historical data?

Estimating Solutions Overview in 90 seconds:

How to Master the Takeoff In Construction Estimating

Before an estimator can bid for or start a project, they need to know the types and quantities of different materials they will need to complete it to ensure a proper estimation of the costs and requirements for the materials plus an indication of the labor costs involved in the installment or construction of said materials. >>More from Trimble Constructible>>
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Trimble’s suite of estimating software encompasses companies and industries of all sizes.  Take this short quiz to find your perfect match! (>>Guide From Trimble Constructible)


Do you know these 3 tips
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the guide from Trimble Constructible to find out how export estimators are winning more bids.

Ways to Understand Labor Costs In Your Estimates (>>Article & White Paper from Trimble Constructible)

From Paper to PC: Why Estimators Are Adopting BIM Technology (>>Article  from Trimble Constructible>>)

Is your estimating strategy holding you back?  Take the 5 minute assessment:

Are your hands tied in the competitive bidding process? Learn how technology can play a part in improving your estimating, here.

How We Can Help:

  • Create feasibility budgets in Modelogix based off of completed project actuals in Prolog.
  • Create detailed estimates in WinEst from the conceptual estimates in Modelogix.
  • Create project budgets in Prolog from detailed estimates in WinEst; and close out the project with actuals in Prolog and send the data back to Modelogix for even more precise courtesy estimates for Owners.

This 7-minute video from Trimble explains more about the interoperability of Trimble’s solutions:

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