GCEstimator Suite

Accuracy, productivity and confidence. These are the traits of successful general contractors that win business and keep projects moving along a predictable trajectory. Construction estimating is a complex process that often relies on disparate inputs in both 2D and 3D, multiple cost libraries, and a range of point tools for estimating and takeoff. That kind of complexity can stand in the way of success.

“What if you had the opportunity to rethink the way estimating is done?” That question that led to meaningful innovation.

Best of breed solutions

Trimble lets you move faster with confidence because we’ve integrated the strengths of a range of leading estimating solutions.

  • Trimble WinEst – A database-driven software that uses a highly flexible spreadsheet for creating, adjusting and presenting cost estimates.
  • Trimble Takeoff Manager – The more precise the quantities, the more precise the estimate and schedule.  Trimble Takeoff Manager generates quick and accurate model and location-based quantity takeoffs, derived from 3D models created with any of the standard BIM authoring tools.
  • Trimble Document Controller – Design information is coming into construction projects from increasingly diverse sources; project designs may include thousands of drawings and dozens of models, each of which may revised multiple times before a project is completed.  Document Controller is a gateway for storing and managing design information of all types.

Thanks to BuildingPoint Florida for producing this 90-second overview of the GC Estimator Suite:

Here is a 5-minute overview of the GC Estimator Suite:

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