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BuildingPoint Mid-America is dedicated to lowering our customers’ operational costs, increasing productivity and optimizing performance. To ensure your instruments are fully operational and getting the most of their productivity, it is important to upgrade them to the latest available firmware version and keep them calibrated. Trimble® recommends annual cleaning to maintain accuracy.  We have partnered with Seiler Instrument and Precision Products, industry leaders in instrument repair and calibration.   They will clean, lube and verify RTS and other robotic equipment. Broken screens on your  robotic units? Dropped equipment?  Repair on sophisticated data collection devices requires a highly trained technician. As a Trimble Preferred Service Provider, Seiler and Precision Products also performs other equipment repair in the design-build-operate process.  We provide customers with an initial estimate as well as update as necessary throughout the repair process. We will also notify you with a new estimate prior to performing any unforeseen repair.


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