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Trimble FieldLink

What’s New With FieldLink?                        


The following software options exist for layout with a Trimble robot.

  • Trimble FieldLink v 4.x
  • Trimble FieldLink for Structures
  • Trimble FieldLink for MEP

Advanced Reporting Functionality
As the construction industry continues to evolve and push the envelope of the BIM and VDC process, transparency and visibility into field activities and performance is becoming more important and in many cases a requirement. Trimble Connect provides the conduit to share and interact with this information from the field and Trimble Field Link acts as the generator to produce the data.  As the standard of the industry in field software, Trimble Field Link has unique reporting capabilities to measure performance, document conditions, and assess quality.

Daily Layout Summary

Field Report

Surface Analysis Report

5-minute Video from BuildingPoint Florida:


Transferring layout points from your design model to the field may seem daunting at first, especially if you have to transfer formats.  However, if you already know how to use AutoCAD® and Revit®, simply add a plug-in specifically designed to this task.  That’s where Trimble Field Points comes into play.

Working as a plugin within AutoCAD® and Revit®, Trimble Field Points provides fluid creation of field points for objects such as anchor bolt locations, curtain wall attachments, and hanger or sleeve locations via simple, intuitive point creation workflows. These point creation workflows allow for faster implementation and utilization throughout any organization already familiar with CAD or Revit design platforms.

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You Don’t Need a CAD Department to Do Layout – Quick How-To [VIDEO]

In the beginning, it was the big dogs who had all the high-tech layout solutions (and it was expensive). Now, anyone can do it quickly and easily without breaking the bank.  >>More form Trimble Constructible>>


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