Trimble ProjectSight Transforms Office-to-Field Construction Management

July 2019 ProjectSight Product Releases

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What’s New in the ProjectSight major update?
The Latest Release Integrates Project Controls Functionality with 2D and BIM for Improved Coordination Between Diverse Project Teams.
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Trimble ProjectSight is the ideal solution for your cost modeling needs. In this 1-minute Solution Close-Up, BuildingPoint Florida’s Rob Miller steps through not just the “how’s”, but the “why’s” of ProjectSight. Designed as a comprehensive first look at the new application, this video will help you understand some of the powerful features and capabilities that you can leverage on your next project.

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How can ProjectSight benefit specific roles within the Project Management workflow?


Project Manager:

Project Engineer:

Accessible via web or an iPad app, Trimble ProjectSight features a simple and intuitive user interface with smart, design-centric workflows to keep teams in sync. Access to centralized data provides teams with up-to-date information to and from the field. The new solution streamlines version control for drawings and models, issues reporting, checklists, RFIs, photos, submittals and other critical project data.

Key features include:

Advanced markup for both 2D and 3D design files:  ProjectSight allows users the ability to add field notes, annotations, comments and conversations to any 2D drawing and 3D file and automatically embeds the project control data in context of models and plans making it easy to update, reference and access while in the field.

Collaboration:  The new collaboration method allows multiple team members to contribute as they would with standard text messaging, but better. Team Conversation keeps a digital record of these interactions to maintain an audit trail of decisions made throughout the project.

BIM workflow enhancements:  Featuring an integration with the Trimble Connect™ collaboration platform, authorized stakeholders can access and share detailed BIM files without the requirement of specialized model viewing applications.

Offline capabilities:  Users have access to all of their drawings as well as all other ProjectSight features and functionality, even without a Wi-Fi connection.

Try, Buy and Use ProjectSight

Trimble ProjectSight is available as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) subscription for projects and companies. A free trial subscription is also available, which gives users up to three team members with access to the complete system. Additional information can be found at: Users may also download the free ProjectSight iPad app from the iTunes App Store.