With options such as a per user, per project, or per company models, you now have the power to fully implement your next Project Controls solution. This custom tailored solution gives total access to Trimble Prolog, the industry’s most recognized and comprehensive project management solution.

With the traditional per-user model, simply purchase or subscribe for individual license which you can then assign. This can be any combination of roles and responsibilities within your organization, allowing you to mix and match your office, field, and admin licenses to best serve your company’s needs. As your company grows, it’s easy to adapt and scale with additional licenses that can be seamlessly added to your Prolog instance.

An unlimited, project-based subscription allows you to implement Prolog on a per project basis. Pricing for this model is based on the contract dollar value of the project and it provides the ability to pay a single fixed annual cost for the life of the project. With this model, implementation costs are easily quantified and understood, and when the project is completed, no further charges are incurred.

An unlimited, company -based subscription allows for a company wide single fixed annual subscription. This model is based on your company’s annul revenue, and it provides the greatest flexibility for contractors looking to standardize and implement their projects over the entire company.