Project Controls Solutions

BuildingPoint’s software spectrum includes the most advanced construction project controls solution for contractors and AEC firms: Trimble’s Prolog® software – a complete system for managing all project data, and allowing the user the freedom to do so everywhere from the field to the back office. Having been designed by construction professionals for construction professionals, Prolog fulfills the need to manage scope and construction costs, as well as the project teams throughout their effort to successfully deliver projects.  Look to Trimble GCManager (Prolog Manager, Prolog Converge, Prolog Mobile) for a flexible, subscription-based approach to Prolog.

Prolog Screenshot

Prolog gives you the ability to manage your project or provide and receive feedback anywhere and at any time. With Prolog, you have the flexibility to access construction project data through a variety of devices and interfaces, so that your project teams receive critical information when and where they need it. Desktop, Mobile and Web solutions enable contractors and their teams to work online, offline, in the office or out in the field. There are multiple software licensing models to fit your ideal situation.

This video is a 3-minute introduction at Prolog Converge, followed by four additional 3-minute videos taking a closer look.