Horizontal Construction Layout

  • Do you have a complicated layout design?
  • Do you need to layout to a curve?
  • Do you have issues with cumulative errors in layout?


QML800G_application pic 3Built to provide fast ROI especially for interior and drywall contractors, the Spectra Precision® QML800G QuickMark Layout system is composed of two bright, green beam lasers that mark a highly visible “X” at the desired point location.  Locating a point on the floor is as simple as tapping on the desired intersection or point on the drawing.  The point is located on the floor with a laser X within a few seconds.


The system set up consists of aligning the two lasers together and defining an origin point and a scale.  It is fast, efficient and very easy to use.  Complicated shapes, arcs and curves are now easy to layout with no calculations required. Columns can be worked around with a software function.   Accuracy is improved and errors are not compounded from point to point. As a result, layout can be completed before other trades arrive.


This six-minute video outlines the QML solution: