Trimble RTS – Robotic Total Station

When contractors can take CAD designs or BIM data into the field, they have the information at hand for just about any layout job… and more. Wireless communication with the office ensures that data is as current as possible. The result? More productivity, less time waiting on subcontractors and less rework.

RTS 873 (3″):  DATASHEET

A Smarter Pointer with bright green,
autofocusing laser and auto-correction for
uneven surfaces

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RTS 771 (1″):  DATASHEET

Includes Trimble VISION, an integrated camera in the robotic total station that provides a “through the telescope view”.

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RTS 773 (3″):  DATASHEET

Includes Trimble VISION, an integrated camera in the robotic total station that provides a “through the telescope view”.

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RTS 655 (5″):  DATASHEET

Trimble MultiTrack™ technology locks
on and tracks passive prisms for control
measurements and active targets for
dynamic measurement, stakeout and
grade control.

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The Trimble Robotic Total Stations connects to the Trimble FieldLink or Trimble LM80 to provide continuous measurement information for the accurate layout of your design data. On the jobsite, you can set up the total station in a convenient, visible location and perform positioning up to 700 meters away.  A true one-person solution, which dramatically increases productivity over traditional layout methods!


RTS555 Column Layout 001

Introducing the Trimble Kenai Rugged Tablet Computer.


The Kenai tablet features a full-color, 10.1 inch multi-touch capacitive screen under a Corning® Gorilla® Glass panel that is designed for tough outdoor use. Type with fingers, stylus or capacitive gloves and can control the size of the keyboard on the display for ease of use. Using the Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional operating system, 8 GB of DDR3 DRAM and 128GB solid state drive, the Kenai allows users to efficiently run Trimble Field Link connected to the RTS-series Robotic Total Stations, the RPT600 Layout Station or R8S GNSS. The Kenai tablet is now available with RTS, RPT and GNSS kits as well as standalone with radio or no radio.

2-minute Video from BuildingPoint Florida:

Advanced Reporting Functionality
As the construction industry continues to evolve and push the envelope of the BIM and VDC process, transparency and visibility into field activities and performance is becoming more important and in many cases a requirement. Trimble Connect provides the conduit to share and interact with this information from the field and Trimble Field Link acts as the generator to produce the data.  As the standard of the industry in field software, Trimble Field Link has unique reporting capabilities to measure performance, document conditions, and assess quality.

Daily Layout Summary

Field Report

Surface Analysis Report

5-minute Video from BuildingPoint Florida:

5-minute application Video from Nucor and BuildingPoint Midwest:

Nucor Taking BIM to the Jobsite from Nucor Buildings Group on Vimeo.