Scanning Services

Contractor Challenge:

  • Do you need to produce a point cloud for retrofit and renovation but lack the equipment and trained staff to do it?
  • Can you get a point cloud but don’t have the resources to process all the data and produce deliverable models?
  • Is your scanning project running behind schedule and you need a “quick hit” of additional staff to get back on track?

We offer several forms of Scanning-as-a-Service at BPMA.  If you just need a scan completed, need it converted into a spatial model or need an As-Built BIM created we do all of that and more.  We have an experienced team that is capable of producing high quality deliverables quickly.  If you are interested in learning more please feel free to contact me.

3-minute overview:



3D Laser Can Preserve Your Old Building (from Trimble Constructible)

When it comes to preserving as much as possible— there is no better technology to get the job done than 3D laser scanning.

Understanding building science is more important than ever when working with an old building envelope. There are differing opinions about which insulation is best for each type of wall, whether or not you should replace windows (which have notoriously long payback periods), if a building should be allowed to “breathe,” or if it should be sealed up tight.  >>More from Trimble Constructible>>

To learn more, please contact Corey Bell – General Manager

E-mail:  [email protected]

Phone:  (314) 682-1100