Scanning Overview





Contractor Challenge:

  • Have you thought about how scanning existing conditions can tie into your retrofit and renovation projects, saving time and preventing rework?
  • Does the thought of making sense of millions of scanned points seem daunting?

Scanning Overview in 90 seconds:


3 Key Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning:

How We Can Help:

  • Utilizing the power of big-data computing, you will now have the power to slice through point clouds to create drawings, transform point clouds to 3D scalable diagrams and even monitor steel deflection.
  • You will be able to scan a floor flatness for level and make all of the needed adjustments prior to interior framing.
  • When new construction projects have a detailed BIM, you can overlay the point cloud generated by BuildingPoint’s laser scanning with the existing conditions to identify discrepencies and gaps.

Video:  Introduction to Laser Scanning (8 minutes) from BuildingPoint Florida.

What Is a Point Cloud? (from Trimble Constructible)


If you’re taking a 3D laser scan of your site’s as-is condition and turning that information into a 3D CAD model to estimate, detail, or make renovations to MEP projects, you might wonder what a point cloud is.  To understand a point cloud, it’s important to learn how it’s created in the first place.

It actually takes three steps to get a site from scan to model. >>Read more from Trimble Constructible>>

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