Tripod Scanners

For building construction projects that involve elements of virtual design or full BIM workflows, 3D Laser Scanning solutions provide the following for General Contractors:

  • As built collection of existing conditions for renovation projects
  • Progressive project data collection for QA/QC purposes (comparing model components to collected point cloud)

Trimble TX6/TX8 Scanner

The Trimble® TX series laser scanners sets new standards for performance and ease of use in high-speed collection of 3D data. Using a state-of-the-art blend of speed, long range and precision, the Trimble TX series delivers high quality results for applications that require high levels of accuracy and flexibility.




1-minute introduction video from Trimble:


The TX6/TX8 portfolio of scanners offers you a choice in how you can approach for data capture on any jobsite to keep up with the demands of today’s need for better, more detailed information that can be used in design or progress analysis of your project.

Trimble TX6:
•This scanner is ideal for construction as-built data capture with options for standard 80m range data capture or an extended 120m range.
•Using Trimble’s Lightning technology, millions of high quality data points can be captured in a matter of minutes providing the user with a reliable field procedure to plan out the day’s field work.
•A built-in 10 mega pixel camera offers the option to provide a color rendered point cloud that can be then used to identify key features from the captured data.

In this 2-minute overview, BuildingPoint Florida highlights the basics of the TX6:


Trimble TX8:
•For the larger jobsite requirements the TX8 offers a standard range of 120m and an extended range of 340m.
•The TX8 also has the built-in camera and WLAN technology along with significant higher speed data capture helping to reduce the time at each location to capture large volumes of data.

In this 2-minute overview, BuildingPoint Florida gives a first look at the Trimble TX8:




TX Series
In this 10-minute interview, BuildingPoint Florida sits down with
Bryan Williams of Trimble to discuss the TX series of scanners: