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If you’ve ever wondered how to properly implement a BIM process
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What if you could:

  • Add to your design team without the HR overhead?
  • Gain teammates with deep BIM experience, but for just one key project?
  • Produce BIM deliverables for owners without the risk of a new hire?

You can now with BuildingPoint.

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BuildingPoint Mid-America offers a rapidly deployable and reputable solution – we call it VDC Services.  Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) covers the BIM gamut from:

•  Creating a model from 2D drawings to 2D/3D model coordination & quality control
•  3D quantity takeoff to full 5D estimating
•  4D schedule optimization to owner presentation materials

And every step in-between.

We have the new technology infusion that your team has been looking for without the initial investment.

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About your BuildingPoint VDC Resource:

Corey Bell, CM-BIM

I am pleased to be a part of the team at BuildingPoint Mid-America.   We have an elite group of experts that can personally cater the technological needs of clients with the software, hardware, or services that will best suit their needs.  My specific focus is on our Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) Services.  I am personally responsible for helping deliver VDC Services to our clients.  Technology can be scary.  Though we have been building just fine for years, advancements in technology have created a pathway to help us build better, be more accountable, and keep better records.  As a representative of BuildingPoint and having back-office staff support from Trimble, I truly believe that with our cumulative experience on over five hundred VDC/BIM projects we will be able to bolster your team.  We’ll also help you provide the level of technological services to help your company keep up with growing client needs.

I look forward to working with you!

cbell signature

E-mail:  [email protected]

Phone:  (314) 682-1100